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Heat Strips West Palm Beach Florida

Heat Strips West Palm Beach Florida

It is common in South Florida to use an air handler to disperse the central AC system’s forced-air supply. A typical air handler consists of a cabinet holding a blower and a set of knobs and controls. A specific air handler can be equipped with electric heat strips, breakers, and controls for winter heating. You can transform your air handler into a year-round electric heating and air conditioning unit by installing a heat strip kit. Soft starts, high humidity management, and adjustable airflow capacity feature variable-speed air handlers.

Air Handlers West Palm Beach, FL

  • Air handlers in the West Palm Beach region are the most usually utilized cooling technology. With the installation of electric heat strips, controls, and breakers, an air handler can heat your house or office safely. With the addition of a heat strip that allows Floridians to heat their home from the temporary chill in the winter times without the installation of an unnecessary oil or gas furnace. Your air handler saves space by the accommodation of the heat strips that eliminates the need of another piece of heating equipment. 
  • We provide carrier air handlers that are supplied with a range of HVAC heat strips and come with single, multi, or variable-speed motors. Air handlers, which can be specified with either a single or variable speed motor, play a crucial role in terms of system efficiency which is required when using electricity to heat your home, because the strips require a lot of electrical energy to produce heat for the Hvac system. The more efficient your air handler is during the heating and cooling process, the more money is saved for the customer.

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