Cooling System Tune-Up West Palm Beach Florida

According to specialists, more than half of all air conditioning service repair calls are attributable to a lack of periodic maintenance. The lost efficiency due to the buildup of dust from the air in your home can also cost you money. That's why we designed its thorough 19-point precision tune-up to keep your system functioning smoothly and keep your family comfortable during Florida's hottest months.

  • Air conditioner maintenance service near me is what you are looking for then you have arrived at the right place. We will thoroughly check, tune-up, and clean your cooling system when you call us for a cooling tune-up. It will take around an hour to finish this procedure.
  • A 100% guarantee of satisfaction guarantees our work. In addition, we will return your money if you don't save money on your electricity bill or don't think the tune-up was worthwhile.
  • Call us now to book a cooling tune-up and learn more about our air conditioner maintenance schedule plans.

Here is the Air conditioner tune-up checklist:

  • Check and level thermostat
  • Check the air filter and the airflow
  • Wiring connections and amperage draw should be checked to ensure good operation.
  • Verify that amperage draw, voltage, and electrical connections on the condenser motor are correct.
  • The compressor's power demand, voltage, and electrical connections should all be verified.
  • Confirm the correct charge
  • Check the indoor and condenser coils.
  • Inspect and clean the drain for condensate.
  • Check for proper operation of safety equipment.
  • Check for any loose connections in the disconnect box.
  • Check for burned/pitted contacts in contracts.
  • Inspect the electrical system.
  • Inspect and test capacitors
  • Inspect the fan blades
  • Keep track of all-time delays.
  • Inspect the service valves
  • Measure the supply/return temperature difference
  • Check the ductwork

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