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Your heating repair or service is in safe hands with our many years of expertise, vast industry knowledge, and proven competence. In addition to being dependable, heat pumps are also low maintenance. Even low-maintenance appliances, though, require maintenance in a consistent manner if you want to get the best performance and lifespan from your unit.

What To Look for If You Have a Problem with Your Heat Pump West Palm Beach, FL?

  • It’s easy to spot problems with heat pumps because of their simplicity and dependability. Your heat pump could use repair if you see any of these indicators.
  • Strange or loud sounds: If your heat pump is making loud, squeaky, or other odd noises, there may be a problem. Diagnosis is better left to a specialist.
  • Noticeable odors: The heat pump can create burning smells if it hasn’t been cleaned. Electrical components may be overheating, or the dust could be burning off. In any situation, a heat pump that has not been serviced or maintained is likely to produce these outcomes. Please make an appointment with our trained technician.
  • Short cycling: If your heat pump cycle on and off frequently, it’s a sign that it’s overused or underperforming, and it’s best to have it checked out as soon as possible. You should take it to a professional for a check.

You can expect the following when you hire us for your heating repair, servicing, or installation:

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