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Air Purifiers and UV Lights West Palm Beach Florida

Air Purifiers and UV Lights

The gift of clean, fresh air for your loved ones is priceless! Our air purifier and UV light are designed to reduce germs, bacteria, odours, and other pollutants, keeping you and your family happy and healthy! The presence of clean, fresh air for your loved ones is priceless! We provide state-of-the-art air purifiers and UV Lights intended to minimize germs, bacteria, smells, and other pollutants, keeping you and yours happy and healthy!

REME and Guardian Air RGF's

Air purifiers like the REME and Guardian Air can actively destroy germs and decrease smells in a climate-controlled room. Pollutants can be neutralized in these devices without passing through the ducting. In the conditioned area of your house, the “Friendly Oxidizers” of nature begin to destroy the bacteria, viruses, and Mold Spores at the source when your fan blows the air out.

Benefits of using a Guardian Air Purifier

Our Twin Stick Lite

We provide UV Germicidal lights to keep the coil on your air conditioning unit clean and free of microbial development and germs.

To maintain optimal lamp performance, replace the lamp every two years.
The use of modern air purifiers and UV germicidal light can enhance your health and safety by removing molds, bacteria, and germs from the source and recirculated air, making your house cleaner and healthier overall. Any home comfort system can benefit from adding a UV Lamp, as it can help prevent allergic responses, sickness, and unpleasant odors caused by mold development on coils.

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