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Air Handlers West Palm Beach Florida

Air Handlers West Palm Beach Florida

High-tech carrier air handlers (sometimes referred to as fan coils) are available with several unique options. With the help of the outside air conditioner or heat pump, they are meant to circulate and condition the air in your house. To keep your home warm, carrier fan coils adjust their speed based on your heating and cooling needs

Air handler what does it do


  • Control of humidity
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Better air quality
  • Noise reduction
  • Improved productivity

Handlers fan coils are available with either single or variable speed motors, allowing you to run your system more effectively. To help you get a little familiar with the different models and options we have listed examples of the Carrier brand to see some options. Here are some of the Carrier fan coils options below.

Air Handlers West Palm Beach FL

1. Infinity Series Fan Coils

When there is no heating system inside, our Infinity fan coil is a must-have accessory for an Infinity system outside unit. You may have your heating and cooling settings automatically adjusted for maximum comfort and energy savings using the Infinity control. When used in conjunction with the appropriate thermostat, its Ideal Humidity System technology allows you to feel more at ease in higher summer temperatures. Additionally, you may use the register to bring warm air in from the outdoors during the chilly months using an Infinity control and heat pump.

2. Performance Series Fan Coils
It’s our ultra-quiet Performance series that offers a high level of efficiency, consistency, and longevity. It’s warm and welcoming. As a result of the unit’s variable-speed blower motor, your house will be more consistently heated. It’s Ideal Humidity System technology makes it possible to feel calmer at greater temperatures in the summer when paired with the proper thermostat. Warmer air from the register if your outside unit has a heat pump. As a result, everyone is content.

3 .Comfort Series Fan Coils
Our Comfort series fan coils are a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to a Comfort air conditioner or heat pump with no internal heating system. You may choose from a variety of blower motors, including multi- or fixed-speed models, to keep your house cold or warm for years.

Please reach out to us and schedule a service call if you have any questions about air handler options or performance expectations of your current equipment, if your air needs are not being met. Ask us about our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for service that’s provided to you.

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