Your air conditioner will always operate at its most efficient speed if you follow a routine maintenance schedule that includes frequent cleaning of system components. An experienced professional should perform annual preventive maintenance at the beginning of each cooling season to provide safe, reliable operation and to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs in the middle of the season. However, homeowners can take several steps to maximize comfort and efficiency throughout the cooling season. To get you started, here are some air conditioner cleaning recommendations.

What Are The Steps In Cleaning The Air Conditioner?

We offer expert air conditioner cleaning services for those who aren’t comfortable doing it themselves.

Condenser cleaning

Deep interior cleaning


Can I clean my AC unit myself?

You may effectively clean your unit’s fins by using a hose with moderate water pressure and spraying it from the inside out. Consider hiring an HVAC specialist for this stage if you aren’t confident doing so on your own.

How do I clean the gunk out of my air conditioner?

How often does air conditioning need to be cleaned?

In most situations, a yearly tune-up is sufficient to remove the need for coil cleaning. However, you should consider the location of your unit. Coils should be cleaned twice a year if you live in a heavily polluted city.

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