The components of your HVAC system are subjected to a great deal of stress and strain throughout the year. Without the proper maintenance, you might wind up dealing with unexpected malfunctions, increasing energy costs, and other annoying concerns. That is why at A/CTemp, we advise that all homeowners schedule at least one HVAC inspection annually.

HVAC System Inspections every year

We perform various activities during our yearly service calls included in our HVAC Maintenance Plan. To find any evident indicators of deterioration, we begin by evaluating the entire system. That concerns include nests in the ducts, frayed cables, leaking fluids, and dirt in the outside unit, among other things. Our professionals thoroughly clean and oil the condenser’s moving parts to ensure a smooth operation. As the last step, they check for leaks and safety features and then take an airflow reading. They’ll also be altering the thermostat’s calibration as another crucial chore.

Several Benefits of Performing Annual Inspections

Your HVAC system, like any other mechanically complicated equipment, requires regular maintenance. Although modern HVAC systems are built to survive for many years, failures might occur if they are not cleaned and oiled regularly. Your chances of a costly breakdown can be considerably reduced if you maintain your HVAC system correctly. As a result of our service calls, you might save a significant amount of money in the long run. If you want to reduce your monthly utility expenses, you need to improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning equipment.


Is an HVAC Inspection Necessary?

Even though you can perform some essential maintenance on your own, hiring a professional to conduct your HVAC system’s yearly inspection is recommended. HVAC systems require specific tools and substantial knowledge and attempting to maintain or repair the system alone might void your warranty. While you wait for a technician to come out, there are a few things you can do on your own to help your system last longer. In addition to regularly changing the air filter, ensure the outside unit’s shrubs are trimmed, and the vents in your house are cleaned periodically.

How much does it cost to check the AC?

It’s a good idea to have an HVAC system tested and serviced once a year. In many cases, little glitches in the system may be found and fixed before they become severe problems. To have a trained expert come out and service the appliance, the fee is usually $75 to $200.

How do you know when an HVAC system needs to be inspected?

Signs that indicate it’s time to schedule an inspection:

How often should AC units be inspected?

Several variables influence the frequency of AC inspections, but it is critical to maintaining a regular inspection plan regardless of the frequency. At the very least, homeowners and business owners should have their air conditioning systems tested annually. Though it’s preferable to have your system serviced in the spring, an inspection and maintenance towards the end of summer may also be beneficial for repairing any damage that happens throughout the cooling season.

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